VISION 4K - Brand New Electronic Sorter Model

The new VISION 4K electronic selector model comes from the application of the latest generation of electronic and optical technologies, specific and exclusive for tomato selection. VISION 4K allows maximum accuracy in the selection of tomatoes and in the elimination of clods of black earth, stones and waste. High performance is added to a substantial lengthening of the selector's longevity, thanks to the use of the latest electronic components.

Innovative features:

  • New LEDs with higher luminous intensity, produced exclusively for the optical selection of the VISION 4K model.
  • New optical system with improved accuracy in the recognition of tomatoes, earth clods, stones and waste.
  • New hardware upgraded at higher speed.
  • New selection software, with improved management and precision in selecting the product and eliminating clods of earth, stones and waste.
  • New specific preset programs
  • All programs can be customized with the specific settings set by the user and can be saved on the electronic module software.
  • Touch-screen on the electronic module: high visibility, practical and easy to use for the operator.
  • Touch-screen on the dashboard on the machine: intuitive and simplified management of one or more selectors, directly from the driver's seat.
  • Complete monitoring of all the functions of the selection, both directly on the electronic module and on the driver's seat: real-time verification of the selector's performance and of the work counters during collection (speedometer, hectare counter, malfunction).
  • PC connection for software update: the latest software version will always be installed on the selector.

The technological innovations applied to the VISION 4K model guarantee the maximum precision in the selection of the tomato and in the expulsion of the clods of black earth, stones and waste and, consequently, a high quality of the collected tomato. The new optical apparatus is precise and efficient in all light and collection conditions, even when the tomato is wet.

The speed of the selection fingers (35 strokes / second), the speed of the belt (70 m / minute) and the ability to discard the clods of black earth, make the VISION 4K model at the forefront of the competition.

Data sheet

Electronic module
Reading range (mm): 889 (35 channels)

          1143 (45 channels)

                                      1270 (50 channels)

Width: 163 mm

Height: 191 mm

Length (mm): 949 (35 channels)

                         1220 (45 channels)

                         1356 (50 channels)

Power supply: 12 V

Degree of protection: IP 66

Graphic Display: backlit touch screen

                4.3 inch TFT

                              480 x 272 pixels

                              262 K colors

Operating temperature: -10 / + 65 (° C)


Pneumatic module
Power supply: Lubricated air

Air pressure: 3-4 bar

Pneumatic cylinders: Inox

Pneumatic solenoid valves: Direct drive, 3-way, self-lubricated

Selection frequency: 35 strokes / sec

Maximum feeder belt speed: 70 meters / minute

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